3D Robotic Enemy Vehicles 

Full-sized Military vehicles: Tanks, AFV's, Air Defence and Technical vehicles. Targets can be statically employed or fitted with an internal robotic capability which enables the enemy to advance and attack your formations or positions. This system enables the complexity and stress of real enemy action to be experienced by the joint force whilst being visually exposed to real-world threats.


Metal bespoke silhouette targets offer an exact replication of your chosen adversary while being highly cost-effective for basic direct fire training.  1:1 scale, active thermal cells, high flash steel for target feedback and flat-pack design for simple range application. 


MBT/ AFT Combative Range System

GaardTech's MBT / AFV Combative Range System allows GaardTech's 2D, thermally active steel targets to conduct cresting drills and fight back actions with battle-sim and battlefield effects. The target array can be easily controlled on GaardTech's networked range software from a tablet or field computer and can be installed at fixed infrastructure ranges or made deployable for operational requirements


All GaardTech TARGETS are equipped with our patented Active Thermal Cells which radiate for up to 8Hrs. Additionally, they can be fitted with our Electronic Warfare emitters (4G, 3G, GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, VHF, UHF) and passive radar signatures. These bespoke signatures enable advanced ISR target identification and ensure that friendly deception vehicles are indistinguishable.


Based on our 3D vehicle design method, GaardTech offers bespoke deception vehicles. These metal systems replicate your force with the highest level of thermal, EW and visual detail. Contact us for a confidential design discussion.